CSCH Member Profile Info Form

CSCH Member Profile Info Form

Hello! The purpose of this form is to generate easily uploadable content for your new CSCH profile. Please fill out the form as completely as possible. If you would like context for what the final profile will look like, I have created a sample profile here. Thanks. -Sam K


This will be represented visually on your profile and having about three or so items make it look better than just having one. That being said, only your highest credential is required. For schools, please use this format: University of North Carolina at Greensboro, NC, USA

Professional Experience

This information will also be represented in a compelling visual way, and having at least a few entries will be stronger than just having one. Please enter the work history that you wish to display from most to least recent, starting with your current employer. Please feel free to include clinical fellowships, etc. 

Honors & Awards

Whether it's an ASCH president's award or a dissertation with distinction, please put your awards and honors here. 

Profesional Website & Intake/Consultation Link

Last Fields! Please include the link associated with your institution or clinical practice, and please include a link for your contact form or consultation request if you have one. Thanks.